Vimto Flying Saucers


Wafer discs filled with Vimto flavoured sherbet



The Vimto Flying Saucers are a fruity twist on an all-time classic retro sweet. Wafer discs filled with sherbet made from delicious Vimto flavour, the perfect treat for kids and adults alike.


For allergens please see ingredients listed in?bold.

Maize Starch, Dextrose, Sugar, Acids: Citric Acid, Malic Acid; Raising Agent: Sodium Bicarbonate, Colours: Anthocyanins, Carmine; Emulsifier:?SOYA?Lecthin, Vimto? Flavouring (Including Natural Extracts of Fruits, Herbs and Spices), Stabiliser: Silicone Dioxide

Weight 0.1 kg
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