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Harry Potter Chocolate Frog


A Delicious Chocolate Frog-Shaped Treat, with a Collectible Card Inside!

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Harry Potter fans will love this delicious milk chocolate frog with crisped rice. Each one comes with a collectible wizard card. There are 11?cards in total ? collect them all!
The following is a list of Collectible Wizard cards, ONE?of which?will?be included in your Chocolate Frog package:

    • Albus Dumbledore
    • Hengist of Woodcroft
    • Helga Hufflepuff
    • Salazar Slytherin
    • Gilderoy Lockhart
    • Godric Gryffindor
    • Rowena Ravenclaw
    • Jocunda Sykes
    • Artemesia Lufkin
    • Bertie Bott
    • Devlin Whitehorn


Milk chocolate 90% (sugar,?cocoa butter, whole?milk?powder, cocoa mass,?emulsifier: E322 (soy), flavouring), crisped rice?10% (rice flour, sugar, salt). Milk chocolate contains?cocoa solids 25% minimum and milk solids 14%?minimum.

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